Hiroshi Onishi is a Senior Volunteer of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) serving as a specialist at the Training Programme Division, SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang since April 2019. He was a science teacher in Japan for 30 years. His work was published in the “Science Education November Issue” in 2010 which was edited by the Teaching Society of Japan. He had been involved as a JICA Senior Volunteer on Science Education in the Strengthening of Mathematics and Science Education in Ethiopia, attached to Addis Ababa Education Bureau in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia from 2015 to 2017. Prior to that, he had
also worked on ‘Developing apparatus in Lahore Education College in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 2006-2008. He had served at the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer of JICA as a Science teacher
at Magawa Secondary school in the Republic of Malawi in 1994-1996.